Grace Moore Guesbook
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Judy Henke, 02-21-2016 12:14:55, Crossville TN 5 United States of America
Just saw a piece on her on Heartland on a Knoxville Channel. Did she ever appear on sheet music in those early years? I may have to go thru my collection to see if I can spot her. Good Ole' Tennessee. Always has surprises coming out of those hills..... OS Browser
LinuxGuruz, 01-30-2016 19:09:24, Kentucky 5 United States of America
Glad to see the Grace Moore Guestbook is still up and running! smilie OS Browser
Emily Jane Smith, 05-06-2015 21:28:33, United States United States of America
OMG! I cannot believe I am just now looking up Grace Moore on the internet, having heard stories of her all my life. Although raised in Jellico, she was born in Slabtown in the mountains of East Tennessee. My paternal grandmother, Chattie Stokely Smith Rainwater, was Grace's mother's first cousin. Here is a story I have heard many times from Granny. On a Sunday afternoon,Grace was visiting with her family, at Grandmother's house near Slabtown. They were playing outside. Now, Chattie had on her best dress, made by her mother. Grace was wearing a beautiful store-bought dress. Suddenly she said, "Chattie, I love your dress, let's trade!" Of course Chattie was thrilled to be wearing such a wonderful dress, but as soon as Grace put on Chattie's dress, she shimmied up a nearby tree! Chattie was heartbroken to have her only pretty dress ruined. What a precocious child Grace was! I guess Grace received some kind of punishment, but no one told me the rest of the story! OS Browser
Tyrone Howard, 05-06-2015 21:28:30, United States United States of America
Great site, we all need to remember people Like Grace Moore, Ina Clare (who I use to cook for) who have given so much to all of us in film and theater. Bravo OS Browser
Cheska, 05-06-2015 21:28:19, United States United States of America
If "Red Shoes" is the most inspirational movie for aspiring ballerinas. Then "One Night of Love" is the definitive inspirational movie for young opera singers and Grace Moore . . . . well all I can say is that she is the greatest ever. I was introduced to her with the movie "So this is Love" and I think that Kathryn Grayson was just wonderful in that movie, but I want to see the real Grace Moore so I went to the nearest video store and bought "One Night of Love" I was hooked to that movie and a new Grace Moore fan was born.

Anyways great website. I was so surprised when I found it because I didn''t know what I was doing ... I typed in on the address bar and I was like OH MY GOD!!!!)

OS Browser
Stacey Austin, 05-06-2015 21:28:11, United States United States of America
Finally, I get to find out more about this Grace Moore you''ve been talking about for so long. Thanks for making the website. OS Browser
Molly Miller, 05-06-2015 21:28:08, United States United States of America
Great Page!!! very interesting!!!! Just one question...........who is Grace Moore???? OS Browser
Doscyple, 05-06-2015 21:27:57, Canada United States of America
Congratulations, Catherine, wonderful site, have to admit I never heard of Grace Moore before, good for you to ressurect the crdit she seems to deserve OS Browser
BoRoK, 05-06-2015 21:27:46, United States United States of America
good job hun Im glad I taught ya all ya know lol jk

anyways I enjoyed the site
OS Browser
Ryne Rhoden, 05-06-2015 21:27:35, United States United States of America
Very good, I haven''t had a chance to listen to the music yet. I am interested to see why Bob walked away...

OS Browser
Linda, 05-06-2015 21:27:24, United States United States of America
Well ya did it again! Put together an awesome looking site. I did enjoy the bio, pictures and am looking forward to the play. :4 OS Browser
Joan Powell, 05-06-2015 21:27:13, United States United States of America
I enjoyed the pictures and information. The music clips were a great idea, since I had not heard her music. I live near Jellico, but had not heard of Grace Moore, so this was interesting. OS Browser
Jathan Shupe, 05-06-2015 21:27:02, United States United States of America
Your page is awesome!!! I added it to my favorites so I''ll be checking for updates!!!


OS Browser
Lowell Siler, 05-06-2015 21:26:51, United States United States of America
i have heard of Grace all my life.. Was raised near her home ,, i got more information from youir website , than anywhere i looked ,, thank you very much OS Browser
Niklas, 05-06-2015 20:53:20, Sweden United States of America
Nice site, doesn''t Randall need a even shorter haircut? OS Browser
Krista Slack, 05-15-2014 02:39:17, United States of America
My grandmother was a huge Grace Moore & Dorothy Kirsten fan. I have a full scrap book full of articles signed autographed pictures, I also have what appears to be a fan club newsletter called The Melody, I can not find any information on it. On the Morbid side I have a clipping of the plane crash picture.Please help

OS Browser
Lin Baker, 02-25-2014 12:46:51, United States of America
I rented her movie and feel in love with her. I am a singer myself and know a God blessed voice when I hear it. And what charisma! She was lovely and so very delightful as an actress. I hope to find more of her movies and music. One Night of Love was amazing! Thank you for this web site memorializing her music and too short life. OS Browser
Sharleen, 02-21-2014 01:03:56, United States of America
I was just watching TCM and wondered who that marvelous soprano was. I'm so impressed by her biography and saddened that she died before her time. Bravo!
OS Browser
Randy, 12-27-2013 11:08:35, United States of America
I would like to welcome everyone back! OS Browser
Randy, 11-15-2013 11:14:20, United States of America
...and the guestbook is back! OS Browser
CYNTHIA MOORE, 03-02-2012 02:31:03, United States of America
Crystal, 02-04-2012 09:54:43, United States of America
Hello. I am looking for someone related to Grace Moore. We have discovered some interesting material of hers, and I would like to talk to someone who is in charge of her estate.
Please email. Thanks!
OS Browser
Johnny and Kelli Loudin, 02-17-2007 04:08:15, United States United States of America
Me and My wife have lived in Jellico Tn for most of our lives. We now live in Florida where I am stationed. I brag on Jellico everywhere I go. And I always mention Grae Moore. People who have never heard of Jellico know Grace Moore. Thank you for this site, it is awesome. OS Browser
A fan, 12-03-2006 23:43:36, United States United States of America
I work at an auction house in Chattanooga TN, where we sold a bedroom set that dates back to the 18 century that was owned by Grace Moore. Her Great-niece consigned it to us. OS Browser
donald, 11-01-2006 12:58:26, United States United States of America
in 70s i lived on bradley lane in newtown ct.across from the house where grace moore lived. ruth gordon and garsin kanon also owned the house. OS Browser
Johnny van Bommel, 07-20-2006 12:33:24, Netherlands United States of America
Hi there,somehow i feel related to Grace Moore,because my granddad

youngest brother was one of the pilots who also died on

that plane 1947.
OS Browser
Hugh Sadler, 06-04-2006 14:36:52, United States United States of America
Robbie 'the power' Barro, 03-26-2006 15:26:52, United Kingdom United States of America
my girlfriends name is grace moore. i love her so much and one day we are going to get married......if your are reading this babe.i love you soooo much. OS Browser
LeFran Ciofalo, 11-20-2005 15:57:15, United States United States of America
Do you have a photo of Grace as Manon showing the staff supposedly given to her by Mary Garden? This staff was then said to have been passed to Dorothy Kirsten. The staff in Dorothy''s memorabilia may be this item, although it should be authenticated. A photo or recollection would help to do so. OS Browser
s. newell, 08-18-2005 10:51:48, United States United States of America
My mom (Shirley McDade) has fond memories of Grace. She has always talked about Grace''s mom and admired Grace''s talent. Those stories were part of my upbringing. I have seen Grace in old movies and it is nice to see her website OS Browser
George Johansson in Gothe, 07-24-2005 13:59:37, Sweden United States of America
OS Browser
Tressy Moore Mundy, 07-12-2005 13:19:51, United States United States of America
would love info on her family (the moore''s) i think we are distant relatives according to some of the other cousins OS Browser
Grace Moore, 07-06-2005 17:07:15, New Zealand United States of America
You probably dont believe me but my name is Grace Moore and I discovered this site by Googleing my name for fun! OS Browser
Janet Clare-Dean - (Moore, 06-14-2005 17:10:29, United Kingdom United States of America
Hello everyone!

This is Janet calling from Berwick upon Tweed in England.

I am making contact again with all of the Moore family to say that I am doing a lecture this Saturday on the family history of Clare in which Grace will play a part.Grace''s father was the brother of my great grandmother Mary Moore. If members of the family would like to contact me, I would love to talk to you via the net.

All good wishes


OS Browser
George Johansson, 06-04-2005 14:24:10, Sweden United States of America
Not much swedes writing here although there is a swedish connection to Grace Moore.That is she died in the same plane-crash as His Royal Highness Prince Gustav Adolphus of Sweden. He was the father of our present day Head-of-State His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav who has been the Sweish Head of State since the death of his grandfather in 1973. The Homepage of the National Danish Radio have some really interesting historical recordings to listen to from 1947 among them an interwiew made by the danish radio with Grace Moore the last evening she lived. Next day the planecrash occured and she died. OS Browser
Gearldine Moore Hays, 05-30-2005 16:25:52, United States United States of America
OS Browser
Glenn, 05-22-2005 11:37:16, United States United States of America
Thought I''d share a story that I remember George Burns told during a roast of Jack Benny.

George was known as the comedian''s comedian, and one of the few capable of making Jack Benny laugh at the drop of a hat. Anyway, Edward G. Robinson was hosting a private party for Grace Moore about the time her picture (One Night of Love) was coming out in 1934. At some point during the party, Grace was asked to sing the title song from the movie for the guests, to which she obliged. As the guests set up a couple of rows of chairs to listen to her sing, George Burns leaned forward and told Jack Benny that "it would be very rude of him to laugh when she starting singing". Of course the minute Grace started to sing, Jack Benny begins to laugh... and continued to laugh. George''s punch line... "See, I don''t make Jack Benny laugh... Grace Moore makes Jack Benny laugh".
OS Browser
sandie ross d'xon-dezeust, 01-26-2005 13:39:43, Canada United States of America

I would love to have mor information on the images on this site

I chanced to bring a movie home for my mother from the victoria public library. it is One Night of Love and is a Columbia Pictures home video, 3500 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

copyright 1934 renewed 1962

my mother is french and trained in opera in Toronto as a young woman and recalls seeing this movie in the theatre with her mother in the early 30''s. they saw it 3 times and my mother sneaked back twice more, even skipping a music lesson to do so. Her mother, my grandmother bears an uncanny resemblance to the fair-haired Moore and my mother is so like the final stage character in the Madame Butterfly performance that I am certain this movie played straight into my grandmother''s ambitions for her daughter.

it has been a treasured find for us and hope that you can find a copy too.

sandie ross d''xon-dezeustr e
OS Browser
Russ Simbari, 01-23-2005 17:45:39, United States United States of America
Your web-site is a moving tribute to Grace Moore. Years ago passing through Tennessee from Fla. to begin my medical internship in St. Louis I stopped in Jellico and had the good fortune to meet and chat with a wonderful lady. Her name was Goldie Garber, a childhood friend of Miss Moore''s. We chatted for over two hours, and she showed me some beautiful portraits of Grace, including a beautiful 3-dimensional life-like facial portrait. She filled me in on many anecdotes of Miss Moore''s life both the triumphs and tragedies. I corresponded with Ms Garber for many years until her death.She would have been thrilled with your tribute. OS Browser
Shannon Whealton, 01-21-2005 12:38:06, United States United States of America
I am related to Grace Moore on my mother''s side and am fascinated by her life. I also have made my career as a singer, so I think it is interesting that the musical genes have been passed on. I enjoyed this site and would love more information about Ms. Moore. OS Browser
Lee Moyer Freeman, 04-26-2004 17:27:02, United States United States of America
This is a fascinating site! I came to try to find the name of the movie Ms. Moore made in which she portrays a singer who is discovered in a remote location by a famous conductor(?) who hones her skills, making her famous. They fall in love, of course. In the final scene, they are performing Madame Butterfly, and it just brings tears to your eyes. It really is a wonderful film. I saw it around 1988 at the Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, TN, when a series of old classic films, including SunValley with Sonya Henning, were being shown. Perhaps someone could write back to refresh my memory of the name of the film I described above. I would love to see it again! Thanks for the site. I''ll be back, I''m sure. ! OS Browser
Brigid Culloty, 04-26-2004 17:27:01, United States United States of America
I''ve seen "So This is Love" with Kathryn Grayson and I thought Grace Moore had such an interesting life. Seeing this movie has triggered my love for opera. I''m only 12, but I''ve been taking voice lessons for about a year. So far, I love every Italian Aria that I''ve done! OS Browser
Grace Moore (seriously), 04-24-2004 09:52:10, United Kingdom United States of America
i found this site at school when my best friend googled my name the lady this site is dedicated to sounds great and im glad to have the same name as her OS Browser
Laurie Gerard, 03-17-2004 22:19:45, United States United States of America
Is there anyone out there who

collects old memorybilla on Grace Moore? I like your website.
OS Browser
Tevis Fitzpatrick, 02-16-2004 10:48:43, United States United States of America
My Grandmother grew up in Jellico,TN. She knew Grace Moore and even sang with her;

she also knew Homer Rodeheaver Despite what has been said about Jellico it is still

a friendly town with 2 famous

people coming from that little

town. My Mother was born in Jellico, Ky but they lived

on the TN. side.
OS Browser
Steve Zimmermann, 02-01-2004 19:52:37, none United States of America
I have an 8 x 10 photo of grace moore that I'''' d like to donate to your museum.Would you send me an address to send it to. Thanks OS Browser
John Partin, 01-23-2004 15:06:48, United States United States of America
Just traveling south last weekend! had to stop for gasoline and Jellico was the town we stopped at! What a dump and then to advertise that this is Grace Moore''s home place! before i advertised anything i think i wouls clean Jellico up and take a few of those old buildings down that isnt used any more! then you could have a town to be proud of and not be ashame to put Miss Moore''s museam in your town! OS Browser
Marc Innes, 12-17-2003 11:42:12, United States United States of America
With fond memories of your singing. OS Browser
Lara, 12-15-2003 07:11:20, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
cortney evans, 11-17-2003 14:37:53, United States United States of America
just saw the play about grace moore here in jellico. it was wonderful. i am only 22 so i didn''t really know a lot about her... but am even more interested now... OS Browser
Mary Osborne, 09-14-2003 21:51:15, United States United States of America
Hello I just wanted to add that i think the city of jellico should get a museum in the city and continue to get mrs. moores gowns and belongings from university of tennessee knoxville, everyone knows shes not from knoxville and it would be a shame to let them stay if she is a jellico native, thanks.and shes by far a legend... for all of opra.. OS Browser
Robert F. Lancaster, 08-25-2003 22:25:09, United States United States of America
While at an auction, my parents bought Ms. Moore''s silver punch bowl with cups, an engagement ring, and a porcelain goddess named "Hoti" (not sure of spelling). My parents passed these items on to me upon their death, and I have kept them with fond memories of Ms. Moore and her beautiful voice. OS Browser
Ricardo Vaquero Cemborain, 08-15-2003 15:53:04, Spain United States of America
I wish I could have meet her.

She was the sister-in-law of my grandma (Valentin Parera''s sister).

I''m happy to find this homepage!
OS Browser
Regina LeBorg, 08-12-2003 13:25:00, United States United States of America
Thanks for paying homage to a deserving icon. My father directed her first "Carmen". He was quite fond of her. Let me know if your play comes to Los Angeles. OS Browser
Bill Claiborne, 08-05-2003 11:55:43, United States United States of America
Terrific site! I didn''t know about the Elvis reference. I''m from nearby La Follette > home of the equally legendary Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong who performed for Grace at one time! May their ''stars'&# 039; forever shine!! OS Browser
Doro, 07-29-2003 04:42:49, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
Dirk, 07-22-2003 12:02:08, Germany United States of America
Hello, your site is beautiful, go on like this. Best wishes from Germany. OS Browser
Mikhail080, 07-09-2003 21:47:51, United States United States of America
Thanks for the great site! Nice job! Mike OS Browser
em, 06-12-2003 06:05:24, Australia United States of America
hi peoples

OS Browser
em moore, 06-11-2003 11:29:50, Australia United States of America

my sisters name is

grace moore
OS Browser
Dorothea Partain Hudson, 06-07-2003 20:08:34, United States United States of America
My father, Edw. E. Partain, worked for Grace Moore''s father, managing his hosiery mill in Telford, TN, and traveling often to Jellico to see Mr. Moore. Grace''s brother, Martin, came to visit us many times after we moved from TN to Texas. I remember sitting on his lap when I was a child. In 1939,when I was 14 years old, Grace appeared in the opera "Manon" in Dallas, TX. I had a scrapbook that I had been keeping up for some time and sent it to her hotel. She autographed it for me and invited me and my mother to come backstage to meet her after her performance. How thrilled I was to finally meet this lovely lady whom I had so admired! Unfortunately, my father was very ill at the time and passed away less than a month later. I still have that scrapbook after all these years and plan to pass it on to my granddaughter named Grace.

Loved the pictures, and would like to have copies of some of them.

OS Browser
Babsy, 05-21-2003 12:50:52, Germany United States of America
hi! best regards from germany! OS Browser
James Brophy, 04-16-2003 22:58:40, United States United States of America
At the untimely death of Grace Moore in 1947, I felt a great personal loss. She sent to me a beautiful picture. Before that time I enjoyed her great voice and since then have enjoyed her treasured recordings and motion pictures. She has always remained mny favorite. OS Browser
Nadja, 04-15-2003 07:38:48, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
Joseph W. Adams, 04-10-2003 17:23:08, United States United States of America
I lived directly across the street from the Moore home on 5th Street in Jellico, Tenn., 1966-69. I hated to hear that the house has been torn down. OS Browser
Jack MacLeod, 04-06-2003 07:07:27, Canada United States of America
I saw many of Grace Moore''s

movies when I was a boy

and teenager, and I remember

her as a most beautiful woman

with a wonderful voice which had a great lyric quality.

He name was mentioned on a

CBC National radio show

this morning and hopefully they

will introduce more Canadians to

her career and music - The

Tennessee Nightengale. Regards
OS Browser
Johnny Cassada, 03-09-2003 20:07:59, United States United States of America
As a young boy, I enjoyed seeing "So This is Love" with Kathryn Grayson portraying Grace Moore. It was great to discover your site. OS Browser
Lara, 03-07-2003 06:29:22, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
marian bicking, 02-22-2003 18:45:46, United States United States of America
grace moore was my father''s sister.i enjoyed viewing the website OS Browser
Dorothy Blohm, 02-21-2003 00:01:47, United States United States of America
I heard Grace Moore many times in concert on the West Coast; 1st time I was only 11 years old and Pierre Monteaux conducted the SF Syphony. I never recovered from that glorious voice. OS Browser
Grace Moore[not kidding!], 02-16-2003 22:44:57, United States United States of America
Hey!!My name is really Grace Moore!!!! I was just playing around and looked up my name and found this awesome site!!! Well I just thought everybody would like know OS Browser
Ron, 01-31-2003 13:51:43, United States United States of America
Hello to everyone who loves Grace Moore. I have a copy of her film "One Night of Love," and "Louise," but it seem impossible to find any of her other films. Does anyone have any knowledge or resources?


OS Browser
mugu, 01-30-2003 12:15:38, Mali United States of America
Shigi, 01-30-2003 09:00:33, none United States of America
Hey! Toll geworden die Seite, macht nur weiter so, komme gerne wieder vorbei! Bliebt am Ball

OS Browser
Burt Thompson, 01-28-2003 10:26:00, United States United States of America
Does anyone have a Moore family Tree? My great grandfather Wesley Richard Moore was from East Tennessee and my grandmother thought that Grace Moore''s father Richard Moore was named for her father. OS Browser
Richard Lee Moore Grace, 01-23-2003 16:10:25, United States United States of America
As a direct decendent of my Great Great Aunt all I can say is She is stunning I am a Playright and am considering writing a play of her incredible life!

I love You Aunt Grace

OS Browser
anke, 01-22-2003 04:45:47, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
Billie Reda Sowers, 01-16-2003 22:15:27, United States United States of America
When I was growing up in Hazard, Kentucky, the postmistress was Anna Mae Moore. She was Grace''s aunt by marriage (I cannot think of Mr. Moore''s first name)but he used to come into my parents'' store to buy cigars. Mr. & Mrs. Moore would hear from Grace every year at Christmas. I remember reading about her plane accident when I was attending college. OS Browser
Billie Reda Sowers, 01-15-2003 21:19:37, United States United States of America
Did Grace Moore ever visit her aunt and uncle in Hazard, KY? OS Browser
Ron, 01-15-2003 14:22:15, none United States of America
I''ve been a Grace Moore fan since I was 14 years old (I''m now 49). Over those years I''ve heard many, many Operatic singers. Especially, the singers from the first part of the 20th century. Having Mary Garden as her tutor, and Dorothy Kirsten as her protegee, makes her, in a line of a truly unique 20th century Operatic sound. It is imbued with the traditions of ''bel canto'' yet evolved into a new and almost ''electrified&# 039;' experience. She had eveything and will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the web-site. Ron OS Browser
carsten, 01-04-2003 11:15:28, Germany United States of America
real beautiful page, and wonderful pics!

congratulations !
OS Browser
Petra, 01-01-2003 06:32:12, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
Earl Barclay George, 11-30-2002 19:45:22, United States United States of America
In memory of my father, who always talked about Grace Moore as having such a beautiful voice.If he were alive he would now be one hundred and sixteen years old. OS Browser
Doris Allison, 11-16-2002 20:18:13, United States United States of America
I enjoyed the production at

Cumberland College. It has

made me want to learn more

about Grace Moore. Does

anyoneknow of a biography

about Grace moore that I

can check out or buy?
OS Browser
april abner, 11-09-2002 17:33:05, United States United States of America
love the site and enjoyed whatching the cast proform in class.they all did an excelent job. OS Browser
Holly Hubbard, 11-06-2002 19:00:49, United States United States of America
I love grace more and the play that konx central put on OS Browser
Karl Siegmann, 11-05-2002 11:11:39, Germany United States of America
OS Browser
Kari, 10-27-2002 21:19:01, United States United States of America
Amanda S. is the best director in the whole wide world!!!!

OS Browser
Joe D. Cox, 10-25-2002 16:23:41, United States United States of America
I enjoy the Web site very much, I am from Jellico, TN, were Grace Moore from OS Browser
grusskarten, 10-06-2002 06:16:39, none United States of America
this is one of the best site i have vistit greatings from germany OS Browser
susan, 10-05-2002 03:55:22, United States United States of America
So informative!! Thanks, from just another relative! OS Browser
handylogos, 10-01-2002 12:44:50, Germany United States of America
coll site OS Browser
kathy woody, 09-05-2002 01:13:51, United States United States of America
I lived in Slabtown Tennessee

where Grace Moore was born. I think she is very beautiful and talented.

kathy woody
OS Browser
Amanda, 08-22-2002 22:05:08, United States United States of America
Hey this website is on fire. I love it! I think that Grace Moore has a wonderful voice. It really gave me a better understand of Grace. She seems really cool Well bye! OS Browser
Sojourner, 07-13-2002 16:30:53, Ireland United States of America
Beautiful memories are important. OS Browser
Jeanette Riegel, 07-01-2002 02:11:58, United States United States of America
Grace Moore was related to my grandmother Mattie Moore who Married Drew Roberts.

I''ve heard stories of Grace all of my life. Thanks for the wonderful website.
OS Browser
Michael, 06-12-2002 11:33:35, Germany United States of America
great site, greetings from germany OS Browser
GRAHAM LAWS, 06-08-2002 16:19:15, United States United States of America
One of Grace''s the biggest fans and collectors here.She will always live in our hearts,through her films recordings,Broadcasts and through the graciousness of Ebay.Thank you Grace, you touched our lives. OS Browser
Grace Moore, 05-27-2002 01:25:38, Australia United States of America
I love this website. I would like to find out more about Val Parera, Grace Moore''s husband. Is he still alive? Also how can I get a copy of, You''re only Human ONce, her autobiography. Also, how did the play go, is it possible to get a copy of the playscript for personal interest? Many thanks. Love your site. OS Browser
Bonnie Crawford, 05-21-2002 22:45:10, United States United States of America
I am related to Grace Moore on my Grandfather''s side. OS Browser
Doug Law, 05-18-2002 06:30:02, none United States of America
I anybody tell me how I can get to see Grace Moore''s movies.

They never appear on TV here in the UK.
OS Browser
Georg, 05-13-2002 17:27:52, Austria United States of America
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria OS Browser
julie hobbs, 05-12-2002 12:14:41, United States United States of America
this website was very interesting. i learned about it through my mom who is helping mrs. rhoden with the play it is a very interesting site. @};- OS Browser
MaryJane Fusco, 05-03-2002 17:25:41, United States United States of America
I became interested iN Grace Moore after reading the book September Child by Jean Dalrymple who was a friend and agent for Grace. They seemed to be great friends and her death was a terrible blow to Jean Dalrymple. Your site is very well done. OS Browser
Steven Ray Liedlich, 04-27-2002 23:35:34, United States United States of America
Grace Moore has been added to the Beauty In Music website, a non-commercial promotional site dedicated to female musicians. Please visit duh:// OS Browser
Chasaatee Price, 04-26-2002 11:49:38, United States United States of America
This site helped me with my report on Grace moore. OS Browser
Alonzo Smith, 04-08-2002 17:34:48, none United States of America
This is a very nice site. It is great to experience the life of someone from another era. OS Browser
Laurel Bowlin, 03-25-2002 13:35:36, United States United States of America
This is a really cool site! OS Browser
Steve Cutler, 03-25-2002 03:06:39, Australia United States of America
I have just found this website and enjoyed looking at some of the photos and hearing a few sound clips. I really think Grace Moore had a lovely voice. I remember reading her autobiography some years back. She obviously led a very interesting life. OS Browser
Dr. John C. Mc Cormick, 03-17-2002 09:39:33, United States United States of America
The True- Life Movie Channel currently is sponsoring reruns of"So This is Love"- but I often wonder about the accuracies of the film? OS Browser
Emma Jo Salmon, 02-17-2002 18:13:20, United States United States of America
Grace Moore''s father was not named Joe. Mr. Moore was named Richard if I am not mistaken. He had two son, Jim and Dick, and a daughter Emily. The family left Jellico many, many years ago and moved to Chattanooga, TN. They were owners of Loveman''s store and probably have many family members still in Chattanooga. OS Browser
Janet Clare Dean, 02-17-2002 06:25:26, United Kingdom United States of America
Hello from Berwick upon Tweed. In my family Grace Moore is said to be the niece or cousin of my great,great grandmother Mary Clare(Mary Moore) related to a cousin or brother Joe Moore. Is Joe Grace''s father as stated by our relations here in UK. I would love to know if we have any relatives in the USA.


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CINDY VAUGHAN SALMON HEIS, 02-16-2002 21:19:39, United States United States of America
I was very interested to come across this site. My mother''s family purchased the Grace Moore home, and my mother grew up there. I lived there the first five years of my life.I would love to hear from anyone! OS Browser
Ko Banen, 02-12-2002 05:24:53, Australia United States of America
To whom it may concern,

Just by chance I read a small article about the late Grace Moore in our senior newspaper. In my teenage years she was one of my idols, and after the plane crash in Denmark I saved a special edition of the Dutch Newspaper "Het Parool", (27 Jan. 1947),plus a few other clips and photographs, all in the Dutch language of course. Strangely enough, they quoted that Grace was born on the 5th of Dec. 1901. in a small village Jellico in Tennessee, and somewhere in your website they mentioned her birthyear as 1898. ?? Can somebody please clarify this. Regards Ko Banen.

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Grace.Catherine.Moore, 02-09-2002 11:30:50, United States United States of America
Hi Everyone

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debby, 02-08-2002 22:45:27, United States United States of America
just wanted to comment on your website, i am very impressed!!!!!! my cousin is doing a family history right now on our family. she was asking me question''s about grace moore, since she was my grandmother''s cousin. she came across your website and informed me about it. i had no idea that people still love grace moore and her music. this is just too wonderful. good luck with the screen play. OS Browser
PATTI GREENE, 02-08-2002 16:09:01, United States United States of America
My mama was borned & raised in

Jellico TN and she said Grace

and the Smoky Mountains was its

best claim to fame.
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Debbie Trolsen, 02-08-2002 12:08:49, United States United States of America
What a jewel - I''ve been fascinated by Grace since seeing Kathryn Grayson''s portrayal. I had the soundtrack on 45s and had memorized all the numbers in my 12-yr old voice. I located her autobiography in the library a few years ago - enjoyed it immensely. I live in Virginia and would be very interested in traveling to TN to see the play when it is produced - please send more info when available. Thanks for a good time - also enjoyed the song snippets.


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Patricia A. Alvis Clark, 01-31-2002 13:54:30, United States United States of America
What a find!! Thank you for loving Grace Moore too. I have enjoyed her music, films and what information I''ve been

able to glean thru the years.

The first time I heard the aria, Unbeldi, was sung by Ms. Moore in the film, "One Night of Love" 1950...I''ve never guessed?

The idea of a play about Ms. Moore is intriguing to me. I''d

like to know,when it will take place in Jellico,TN.

Thanks again for keeping her alive..I would have loved to have known her.

Sincerely, pat clark

ps. Would you have any idea where a copy of her autobiography might be located? Or biographies?

I''d appreciate what information you might have.
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Michelle Power, 01-30-2002 21:26:10, United States United States of America
Hi, Cathy! Great site.

I was wondering if you had any information on Grace Moore''s family. According to my grandmother, her mother, Minerva (Moore) Gilbert, was a cousin of Grace Moore. If you know where I might find more about Grace Moore''s family background, I would really appreciate it. If not, I understand, and thanks anyway!
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Deborah S., 01-20-2002 19:31:37, Canada United States of America
Just thought that I would leave a message in your guestbook so that you knew that I had finally looked at your website on Grace Moore. I still have to admit that I have never heard of her before. Her talents must have touched you though to inspire you to create this website dedicated to her and to write a play about her life. Good luck with the play! OS Browser
thomas gladysz, 01-13-2002 23:16:51, United States United States of America
I have created a bibliography for the 1937 Grace Moore film "When You''re in Love." That bibliography can be found at

duh:// henyoure-reviews.html

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might have other reviews or articles concerning this film which they could tell me about.


thomas gladysz

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Michael Taylor, 01-08-2002 19:47:30, United States United States of America
Good job, Cathy! I look forward to helping you with your production! OS Browser
Georg, 01-08-2002 10:22:59, Austria United States of America
hi to all music-lovers around the world ! OS Browser
Kathryn, 01-04-2002 01:28:29, United States United States of America
Keep up the great work OS Browser
Ironwood, 01-02-2002 19:34:52, United States United States of America
Well done. You''ve done a good job researching. This shows the fruits of all your hardwork.

You also owe me $2500 for consulting!...
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DebbieB, 01-01-2002 17:12:00, United States United States of America
Looks like a great website! Keep up the great job! OS Browser
Hidemi, 12-13-2001 06:02:20, Japan United States of America
Nice site.

I am the fan of Grace Moore,but it is the present condition hardly to know in Japan. Only "One night of Love" see a movie with me as well being disappointed. Though this work had Laser Video Disc it was orderd from America.I more want to collect several films and CDs.

It prays the development of thie site.
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Sherry Hunsperger, 11-14-2001 23:08:49, United States United States of America
Grace Moore was my grandmothers Aunt. I am putting together our Family Tree and any geneology information you may have would be great. Unfortunatly my family with close memories of her have all passed.... Thanks for putting together this wonderful site. OS Browser
Bob Ryan, 10-29-2001 12:28:39, United States United States of America
I have been collecting anything and everything realted to Grace Moore since mid 1948. I think its just great that you are doing this. I would appreciate hearing from anyone interested in chatting about her, trading, selling or buying anything related to Grace Moore. OS Browser
Chewie, 10-21-2001 16:13:00, United States United States of America
Hey, you''ve got a great website so far!!! I don''t know much about Grace Moore myself but it looks like you''ve put a good amount of work into this and I''m proud of ya!!! Paul OS Browser
Jeff, 10-05-2001 10:44:09, United States United States of America
Hello Ms. Rhoden! I''ve

really enjoyed viewing

your website! I haven''t

gotten to read it all

yet. It''s your favorite

student Jeff (1st Per.)

Well, keep up the good

Work! God Bless!

Jeff Bargo

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Nancy Fraser, 09-30-2001 16:35:52, Canada United States of America
Greetings! I am trying to track down a family story that one Louis Peltier was Grace Moore''s pianist and he perished in the plance crash with her. Do you have any idea how I could confirm or refute this?

Many thanks,
Nancy Fraser
Yellowknife NT
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Europol, 09-26-2001 17:36:28, none United States of America
I still don''t know who Grace Moore is, other than what you''ve told me.

But I must say that the site looks great and I''m sure Ms Moore would

be pleased.
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Jeff King, 09-26-2001 04:08:55, United States United States of America
What a wonderful site. Grace Moore was a treasure to the human race. I hope you can expand the site and show pictures from all her movies. Grace wrote an autobiography which is a great read. I''d love to get a copy of this play. It''s been a dream of mine to write a screenplay about her life myself. Keep up the good work!


P.S. I have more pics of her I could scan and send. =0)
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Maadeleine Bellemare, 09-19-2001 22:16:32, Canada United States of America
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