Grace Moore Guesbook
Emily Jane Smith, 05-06-2015 21:28:33, United States United States of America
OMG! I cannot believe I am just now looking up Grace Moore on the internet, having heard stories of her all my life. Although raised in Jellico, she was born in Slabtown in the mountains of East Tennessee. My paternal grandmother, Chattie Stokely Smith Rainwater, was Grace's mother's first cousin. Here is a story I have heard many times from Granny. On a Sunday afternoon,Grace was visiting with her family, at Grandmother's house near Slabtown. They were playing outside. Now, Chattie had on her best dress, made by her mother. Grace was wearing a beautiful store-bought dress. Suddenly she said, "Chattie, I love your dress, let's trade!" Of course Chattie was thrilled to be wearing such a wonderful dress, but as soon as Grace put on Chattie's dress, she shimmied up a nearby tree! Chattie was heartbroken to have her only pretty dress ruined. What a precocious child Grace was! I guess Grace received some kind of punishment, but no one told me the rest of the story! OS Browser
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