Grace Moore Guesbook
Lee Moyer Freeman, 04-26-2004 17:27:02, United States United States of America
This is a fascinating site! I came to try to find the name of the movie Ms. Moore made in which she portrays a singer who is discovered in a remote location by a famous conductor(?) who hones her skills, making her famous. They fall in love, of course. In the final scene, they are performing Madame Butterfly, and it just brings tears to your eyes. It really is a wonderful film. I saw it around 1988 at the Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, TN, when a series of old classic films, including SunValley with Sonya Henning, were being shown. Perhaps someone could write back to refresh my memory of the name of the film I described above. I would love to see it again! Thanks for the site. I''ll be back, I''m sure. ! OS Browser
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