Grace Moore Guesbook
Glenn, 05-22-2005 11:37:16, United States United States of America
Thought I''d share a story that I remember George Burns told during a roast of Jack Benny.

George was known as the comedian''s comedian, and one of the few capable of making Jack Benny laugh at the drop of a hat. Anyway, Edward G. Robinson was hosting a private party for Grace Moore about the time her picture (One Night of Love) was coming out in 1934. At some point during the party, Grace was asked to sing the title song from the movie for the guests, to which she obliged. As the guests set up a couple of rows of chairs to listen to her sing, George Burns leaned forward and told Jack Benny that "it would be very rude of him to laugh when she starting singing". Of course the minute Grace started to sing, Jack Benny begins to laugh... and continued to laugh. George''s punch line... "See, I don''t make Jack Benny laugh... Grace Moore makes Jack Benny laugh".
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