Grace Moore Guesbook
sandie ross d'xon-dezeust, 01-26-2005 13:39:43, Canada United States of America

I would love to have mor information on the images on this site

I chanced to bring a movie home for my mother from the victoria public library. it is One Night of Love and is a Columbia Pictures home video, 3500 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

copyright 1934 renewed 1962

my mother is french and trained in opera in Toronto as a young woman and recalls seeing this movie in the theatre with her mother in the early 30''s. they saw it 3 times and my mother sneaked back twice more, even skipping a music lesson to do so. Her mother, my grandmother bears an uncanny resemblance to the fair-haired Moore and my mother is so like the final stage character in the Madame Butterfly performance that I am certain this movie played straight into my grandmother''s ambitions for her daughter.

it has been a treasured find for us and hope that you can find a copy too.

sandie ross d''xon-dezeustr e
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