Grace Moore Guesbook
George Johansson in Gothe, 07-24-2005 13:59:37, Sweden United States of America
I was just looking through the many interesting photoes and posters of Grace Moore, when I found out that MGM had once produced a movie about our own swedish 19th-century soprano and megastar Jenny Lind (who can be found on the back of every swedish 50 kronor-bill) and in the leading role Grace Moore, of course! I would like to ask anyone who reads this If that movie has been released on DVD or VHS. Unfortunately, the 3 swedish TV-channels have never bothered to broadcast it. Perhaps they are unaware of it´s existance. I will write an e-mail to all three channels,suggesting them to do just that. But if anyone knows anything about Grace Moore´s movies on DVD or VHS, please send me an e-mail. I really would appreciate it. OS Browser
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