Grace Moore Guesbook
Patricia A. Alvis Clark, 01-31-2002 13:54:30, United States United States of America
What a find!! Thank you for loving Grace Moore too. I have enjoyed her music, films and what information I''ve been

able to glean thru the years.

The first time I heard the aria, Unbeldi, was sung by Ms. Moore in the film, "One Night of Love" 1950...I''ve never guessed?

The idea of a play about Ms. Moore is intriguing to me. I''d

like to know,when it will take place in Jellico,TN.

Thanks again for keeping her alive..I would have loved to have known her.

Sincerely, pat clark

ps. Would you have any idea where a copy of her autobiography might be located? Or biographies?

I''d appreciate what information you might have.
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