Grace Moore Guesbook
Dorothea Partain Hudson, 06-07-2003 20:08:34, United States United States of America
My father, Edw. E. Partain, worked for Grace Moore''s father, managing his hosiery mill in Telford, TN, and traveling often to Jellico to see Mr. Moore. Grace''s brother, Martin, came to visit us many times after we moved from TN to Texas. I remember sitting on his lap when I was a child. In 1939,when I was 14 years old, Grace appeared in the opera "Manon" in Dallas, TX. I had a scrapbook that I had been keeping up for some time and sent it to her hotel. She autographed it for me and invited me and my mother to come backstage to meet her after her performance. How thrilled I was to finally meet this lovely lady whom I had so admired! Unfortunately, my father was very ill at the time and passed away less than a month later. I still have that scrapbook after all these years and plan to pass it on to my granddaughter named Grace.

Loved the pictures, and would like to have copies of some of them.

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